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Learn How To Build Your Garage And Maintain Your Garage Door

Follow the steps mentioned below and learn how to build your own garage and maintain your garage door.
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Build Your Own Garage


Considering Building Your Own Garage? Find Out How


Garage Width Considerations

If you are building your own garage, there are some specific clearances that must be met in order for the garage door to run smoothly and function properly.

  • The garage’s opening width should be smaller than the width of the door.
  • The easiest way to accomplish this is to make your unfinished opening the width of the desired garage door. Once you install fascia board, you’ll have that needed edge for the door to seal on.
  • Wooden doors are nearly always custom made, so you will be able to get the right fit regardless of your opening.

Garage Height Considerations

  • Most standard residential doors need 12” from the top of the door to the ceiling so that the door can go up and around the top without scraping the ceiling.
  • Add 2” to this if you plan to install an operator. Want a lower clearance? Hardware exists that allows you to have clearance as low as 4” from the top of the door to the ceiling.
  • Side clearances should be at least 6” wide from the floor to at least 12” past the top of the opening. It’s always good to have a solid header or at least a solid center plate to which the torsion spring and the operator mount can be fastened.
  • If the plan is to insulate and drywall the interior of the garage, you may want to run some low voltage wires behind the framing up. Each side should be about 6” from the ground and to where the power is for the photosensors, leaving plenty of slack for movement and for the wall switch.

Properly Maintain Your Garage Door Yourself



Safety First

  • The garage door is the largest moving object in a home. An improperly adjusted garage door spring and opener can exert strong and deadly forces and might not reverse the garage door in an emergency.
  • The garage door counterbalance springs should be properly adjusted in order for the safety reverse system to function properly. Proper installation and maintenance are extremely important in order for the garage door opener to operate smoothly and safely.
  • We do not recommend that you stick your hands into a loaded spring or try to readjust a tensioned cable. By taking the proper precautions you can make small adjustments and ensure your garage door/operator is properly lubricated.
  • This type of ongoing maintenance goes a long way in preventing damage to your door and operator and keeping your family and pets safe from injury.

SAFETY NOTE: Before doing any maintenance on your door or operator, please ensure the machine is unplugged.

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